Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Foster’s brings extra cold refreshment in a brand new avatar

Foster1Foster’s, the extra cold refreshing beer from the house of SABMiller India, is all set to hit the market in a brand new avatar. The popular beer brand will be re-introduced with a refreshing brew and will be the tallest and most curvaceous bottle in the category. Available in 2 variants – Gold and Lager, the bottle will have a ring pull, making it easier to open the extra cold refreshment. The new packaging also includes a unique thermo-chromatic label that turns blue at ice cold temperature ensuring consumers have the most chilled experience.
Talking about the all new Foster’s, Darioush Afzali,  Director of Marketing, SABMiller India, said, “Foster’s is known as a unique Australian brand and with this new packaging and brew, it will emphasize our commitment to innovate. We have given a completely fresh and contemporary look to our bottle and are introducing the tallest bottle in the category. With a focus on all 4 P’s, we are re-introducing Foster’s with a refreshed brew, new packaging, competitive pricing and differentiated positioning of extra-cold refreshment for the brand. Our aim is to be the most preferred brand of choice for our target audience and turn their moments of boredom into a refreshing experience.”
The new packaging has been designed by an international team of London-based agency CARTILS, one of the worlds’ first branding and packaging design consultants.
Talking about the inspiring and innovative new bottle, Neil Vestrini, Creative Director, CARTILS, said, “Fosters is Australia’s iconic lager which is sold internationally. At Cartils it was our job to respect its heritage whilst modernizing this iconic brand and making it relevant to today’s ever-changing Indian market. Cartils new design endorses a stronger brand hierarchy by making the Foster’s logo more prominent within the main label, whilst the bottle shape gives a more dynamic and ergonomic feel. The placement of the famous Australian kangaroo as an embossment on the bottle gives movement and youthfulness whilst adding that wittiness associated with the brand. The stronger/higher shoulders (which also follows the curve of the brands roundel) allows for the branding to be placed higher on the bottle. The addition of the snowflake symbol and silver gives the extra cold sensation the consumer will feel whilst drinking the new redesigned Fosters.”
Through The Line campaign for the refreshed look has been created by Ogilvy and Mather in India. “The campaign was designed to bring to life transformative powers of Extra Cold Foster’s – transporting people from a mundane, low energy mood to a refreshing, up-tempo vibe. Extra Cold Foster’s also brings friends together to let go and enjoy every moment”, Tithi Ghosh, Senior VP & Head of Advertising, Ogilvy Bangalore, added. This campaign will be supported by a robust digital and on-ground engagement.
Foster’s is a uniquely Australian beer, brewed with only with the finest malted barley and specialized Australian hops whilst being filtered at sub-zero temperatures in order to offer consumers a feeling of refreshment like no other beer. Foster’s was launched in India back in 1998 and was the first “truly international beer brand” to be introduced to Indian beer consumers. It is a testimony to Foster’s success that the brand is today omnipresent across geographies and channels in India.