Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Stay Close: Luther comes to an end with it Season 4 finale on FX

Luther himself is driven by justice and haunted by its miscarriage but after three seasons of seeing everyone he loved die, he feels broken and leaves the police force.
Season 4 of the incredibly popular show, however, brings back the indomitable detective like never before especially after the death of his former partner DS Justin Ripley (played by Warren Brown) that serves as a constant reminder that everything is now personal to him. It was the very reason he left the police force in the first place.
Thus, when he hears of Alice’s (played by Ruth Wilson) death, he begins to juggle an absurd amount of situations. He is being hunted by bounty killers after ‘an old East End geezer’ George Cornelius (played by Patrick Malahide) puts a price on his head for chaining him up to a radiator. He’s also searching for Alice’s killer, or what exactly happened to her, while at the same time dealing with a creepy so-called clairvoyant Megan (played by Laura Haddock). Throughout Season 4, while Luther is focused on Alice’s case, he is also attentive and protective over his new partner Emma (played by Rose Leslie aka ‘You Know Nothing Jon Snow’). He makes her promise that she will stay on the straight and narrow. But when one works with Luther, that’s rarely the way things go, and like Justin, she starts bending the rules a little bit and learning that it may not always be protocol, but it may be right.
Will Luther catch Alice’s killer? Is Alice even dead?
Terrifying, heart-felt and full of twists and heart-pounding tension, Luther Season 4 is sure to keep audiences at the edge of their seats as John juggles chilling cases while relentlessly chasing up on Alice’s case!