Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Launch of iUNIR, India’s First Lift-Sharing App to ease the problems faced during Odd-Even Scheme in Delhi

With an aim of building a community for safe, economical & flexible commute, IUNIR is all set to knock the doors of Delhi and to make the life of Delhities easier. Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has taken a great initiative to control vehicular pollution by implementing phenomenal odd-even rule.
Today vehicle owners and commuters endure a lot of issues while travelling. Expensive taxis, lack of public transportation, auto haggling, traffic jams, high fuel cost, stress of driving, huge traffic jams, unhealthy vehicle smoke so on and so forth are the major stress issues. iUNIR, India’s first community pooling app introduces cost effective and eco friendly ride. It aims at building a community for safe, economical and adaptable ride.
iUNIR commences an affordable car, taxi, 2 wheeler and auto ride sharing. It is India’s first ever pooling app to provide sharing to bike owners and auto commuters. It has come up with the best intercity and intracity commuting service. An incomparable app easily works with your LinkedIn and Facebook profile which helps you to choose your own familiar and acquainted rider. It is one of the safest vehicle sharing app.
Speaking on the same, Sandeep, Co Founder iUNIR says, “We are launching this app with an aim to solve the major issues of today’s generation by introducing cost effective and eco friendly ride sharing app. Our prime concern is to forge a collective path towards environment friendly urban future and to extricate commuting stress. Our future holds great deal of partnership with payment gateway companies and even grocery stores that will help riders to shop groceries while they are travelling to their workplace, hence saving lot of their precious time. Soon the company would also be providing free wi-fi services while travelling in your automobile. Besides, the unique attribute of this app is pre fixed and pre determined cost that will add comfort to the user. One can download this through www.iunir.com and can enjoy the services”
Sandeep further added, “According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. In Delhi alone, about 92 per cent children using UPT (unpacked transport) fared poor against eight per cent who used PT (packed transport). Not only this, the current fleet of vehicles in Delhi already occupies nearly 10 per cent of the urbanized space.  Daily registration of cars will need an additional 2.5 million sq m, which is equivalent to 310 international football fields every year. Considering all the points, iUNIR will prove to be an exceptional and remarkable idea for India at large.”